Our Free Digital Book

Our Free Digital Book

The Growing Vine Street Book

Growing Vine Street was a most wondrous book, lovingly written and illustrated. However, since its publication in the early years of this project, it has become outdated. Growing Vine Street Revisited 2004 is the revised version of the original book. Although the text has been updated, the illustrations and flavor of the original have been preserved. As part of the update, details of recently completed projects have been included in an appendix.

Growing Vine Street was not conceived as a detailed, block-by-block plan for Vine Street. Rather, it was a vision, and idea of how the street could develop. It was meant to be implemented, property by property, over time.Growing Vine Street was created as a guidebook for this implementation. It includes a “Kit of Parts” section that sets general standards for the plan’s elements, such as vegetation, materials, and lighting.

Feel free to download and use this wonderful and historic document. But be warned: the download will take some time. Growing Vine Street Revisited 2004 is in 11 x 17, double-sided, full-color format, and it is heavily illustrated.

So, make a cup of Earl Grey tea and relax. It will be worth the wait.


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